The Heat

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I walked out from my air conditioned house and felt the heat enveloping me. I saw the kookaburra on the fence looking longingly at the swimming pool water and the micky birds (noisy miners) trying to get a drink from the bird baths, which soon would be too hot under the glaring sun.

I felt bad for the birds and other animals who suffered from the heat, and felt sad for all the animals who died in the fires. I felt worse still for those animals who had been displaced by the fires and spreading urbanisation, with no where left to turn, no place to find refuge.

I realised that I can’t take on responsibility for all the pain that we humans have caused. I realised there is no point in my feeling bad or sad unless I acted on these feelings. We each have a role to play in improving the living conditions of, not only the animals on our planet, but also the humans and every living thing.

My main role in our current crisis (for that is what it feels like to me) is to help bring about an awakening of the masses by helping to bring a snowball of love into the world – a snowball that will grow and grow as it moves around the planet. Love conquers all, and this snowball of love will conquer any crises it encounters. The chances are this could be one of your major roles as well.

One way I am endeavouring to bring love into the world is through my book, Getting Used to Weird: A very different sort of Love Story. I know this book will help guide people, ever so gently, towards the love that already surrounds them in this world, but which most people fail to experience. It also introduces them to the love that exists within themselves, waiting to be shared with the world.

How are you being asked to take up your role of bringing more love to the world? Can you move forward with that now?

As well as our major roles through which we bring more love to the world, there are other ways we can help ease the crisis.

I once asked a fairy (yes, they do exist) what we could do to help them care for the environment. The answer came that the best we can do for the environment is to consider the consequences of our actions.

This is not always easy. Sometimes it is hard to know what the consequences will be, and sometimes, even knowing the detrimental consequences, we can’t see a better alternative. This is why it is extremely important to listen to our inner guidance, which comes more easily to us when our ego minds are quiet – as we awaken from sleep, or during meditation. Our inner guidance is the voice of our higher selves, our spiritual helpers, and our creator.

In all things, let love be your guide, but don’t forget to include yourself in those you love. Love will lead you where you need to go.

What is love asking you to do?

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