We are having a small amount of concrete laid today between our already asphalted driveway and our new shed.  I was watching the concrete being poured and remarking how wonderful it is that they can take a sloppy, lumpy mess and turn it into a smooth flat surface for driving on. This got me to thinking about a couple of things.  One was how we all have something that we

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Celebrating Debbie’s Wake

We had the weather related to ex-tropical-Cyclone Debbie pass over us last night.  There was certainly some wild weather, with some very heavy rainfall, and a very short time of some of the strongest winds I have heard pass this way.  It looked like it was starting to ease, when we were plunged into darkness.  The power had gone off, just when it looked like the worst of the weather

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Our Lungs

I travelled to Adelaide and back to Brisbane by plane last week, and as I flew overhead and looked out at the scenery, I was disturbed to see the amount of natural bushland which had been cleared to make way for farmland.  Whilst I saw some large tracts of bushland still remaining, there was a lot more removed than there was remaining. I know we read that our lifestyle and

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I love trees, particularly big old gum trees. The other day I was walking along a bush path in a local reserve, stepping over fallen branches and small trees as I went.  I began to contemplate how it is that so many branches, and even trees, fall down, without hurting anyone who happens to be walking along the paths.  Sometimes even huge branches and large gum trees have ended up

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Lessons from Cats and Corks

Love is the answer to all questions.  But sometimes in life, the difficulty is not in finding the right answer, but in finding the right question. Once we have faith in God, we begin to understand that God is within us and within all those around us.  Once we have faith in God and his angels, we come to expect that, no matter what the questions, the answers will come

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Meeting Your Power Animal

I was looking for some inspiration for my blog when I saw a picture of my power animal, Anunya, the tiger, and I knew that she would be able to help me. I met Anunya, and remet Lila, my other power animal, a chimpanzee, in a meditation during Billie Dean’s Animal Shamanism Level 2 online course. I learned that Anunya was there to help me with my courage, confidence and

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