What Can You Bring To 2018?

I thought it high time that I wrote another blog, and what better day to do it than New Year’s Day.

As we enter a new year, we often stop to reflect on the year just gone, and consider the year we hope is just beginning.

For many, 2017 was a difficult year.  If you read my

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My Sweet Pain in the Arse

bandaged cassie

I got the urge to write, so I thought if I sat down to write, something might come to me.

In fact, the thoughts that come to me are, as have been the case of many of my thoughts over the last couple of months – thoughts of Cassie, my sweet baby dog.  The card

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You Can Talk to Angels


I am delighted to be able to share a conversation I had with the angels earlier this week, after I had started rereading the book which first introduced me to communicating with angels: Ask Your Angels, by Alma Daniel, Andrew Ramer, and Timothy Wyllie.

Lorelle, we are happy to join you once more to share

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