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Special Card Reading 19th August 2020

I asked for a reading to provide guidance about what is currently happening in the world. I used the Butterfly Oracle Cards for Life Changes (Doreen Virtue) because we are certainly going through some massive changes. Health-Care Change To me, this card is letting us know that our health care needs to become our own responsibility. Governments are trying to make it theirs, because most of us in our society

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Just Love

I asked the angels if they had anything they wanted me to share at this time and they said that it is a very short message but I can share it if I like: "It is a time of great discomfort for many people as the world goes through massive changes at the moment. It is important to focus on love and not fear at this time. Just love. Love

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Getting Used to Weird

Here's some news about my new book: My first print copies of my new book, Getting Used to Weird: A very different sort of Love Story, have arrived. You could win a signed copy by joining my mailing list here: https://www.lorelletaylor.com/subscribe/ . Official publication date is 1st November 2019.

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  This blog has been percolating inside me for weeks now, and I thought it was time now to get it out. We have two of these bushes in our yard, which have been covered in these flowers for weeks now. I was so moved by the fact that these flowers were heaving with all manner of insects. There were European bees, native Australian bees (tiny wee black ones with

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Truth and Free Will

God, I wanted to talk more about Doreen Virtue’s and her husband Michael’s conversions to Christianity. They are convinced that they are helping us all by telling us to follow only the Bible, and they give the impression that I am talking to the devil now. I know, Lorelle. What do you think? I don’t think the God that gave me all that information about love could have been the

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God’s Perspective

God, my communication with you led me to believe that those parts of the Bible, which talk about necromancy and other spiritual gifts being wrong, were added by the church, and are not the 'word of God'.  Doreen Virtue, who has a strong connection with you as far as appearances go, says she believes that it is the word of God now, and that it is a sin. I know,

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Look Beneath The Shadows To Find The Light

A message from the angels: Lorelle, we wanted to talk to you today to tell you about your future.  Not you personally, but the future of your planet. You know that everyone has been talking about ascension and ascension symptoms, and this is what is happening on your planet at this time, but there is a lot more going on than is spoken about.  We are all working to bring

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  Hello God. Hello Lorelle.  What would you like to talk about? Life. Ok, Lorelle. Life isn’t what most of you think it is, which is the time you spend in your physical form between your physical birth and death.  Life is what I am, and what you are.  Life is All That Is.  Life for us humans is only the physical part of an eternal life that you cannot

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