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Ever wondered what God might have to say about Islam? Christianity? Judaism? Buddhism?

Is it possible we could create a world where everyone knows that WE ARE ONE? A world where every person, every animal, and Mother Earth herself are all treated with respect? What might that world be like and what do we need to do to get there?

Find out in WE ARE ONE.

This remarkable book also further explores the lessons about life and death begun in Getting Used to Weird: A very different sort of Love Story, so you might like to read that one first.

Lorelle Taylor’s second book, WE ARE ONE, calls on the major religions to unite with the rest of humanity as we work towards a world of peace and harmony.

Get your copy today and discover how you can help to bring about this wonderful new world.

Now Published!

Are you awakening spiritually and feeling weird?
You’re not alone.

Truly, you are not alone. You have many spiritual helpers, and just like Angela, you can learn to communicate with them and enlist their support.

Lorelle Taylor’s extraordinary book traces Angela’s journey from normal to weird. Join her as she confronts challenges and undertakes deeply spiritual lessons while exploring the biggest questions.

Learn about life and death from angels, spirit guides, Jesus and God. Discover how to overcome obstacles in your own path as you too discover the secrets for a fulfilled and happy life.

Start reading Getting Used to Weird: A very different sort of Love Story today and you’ll discover that on this journey, you’re also getting used to love.

You’ll come away with the knowledge that “Love is the answer to all questions.”

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Getting Used to Weird: A very different sort of Love Story