Tarot Card Readings

lorelle-tarot-card-readerLorelle completed a comprehensive Tarot reading course in 2008, and since that time she has been honing her skills, and developing her psychic abilities.

She learned at the course that everyone is psychic; it is just that most of us have suppressed our psychic abilities. Since that course, she has learned that everyone is divine, and that everyone can connect with the divine within. This is what she endeavours to do whenever conducting a Tarot reading.

Rather than being a fortune teller, who tries to predict the future, Lorelle allows the client to understand the larger forces which are currently at work in their lives, and gives them tools which will allow them to cope with any current challenges, and to choose for themselves the best path to take for a positive future.

Love is the answer to all questions, and it is the key to providing a reading which is in the best interests of all concerned.

Lorelle has learned that the cards are never wrong, but there can be a number of interpretations on various levels. Whilst part of the reading may make sense instantly, the client may need to reflect more deeply in order to integrate some deeper meanings which may emerge.

Along with her reading, which takes around an hour to complete, Lorelle provides each client with a copy of the reading, and encourages them to develop their own psychic abilities whilst looking at the cards. This provides an even greater depth of understanding, and an even better outcome.