Isn’t It Hard Being Vegan?


I wasn’t always vegan.  I know all of the excuses for not being vegan, because I used most of them myself:  “We were designed to eat meat.  I need meat, dairy and eggs to get my protein.  I need milk

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Bon Dieu

Saint Dominic Saint Dominic

I woke up yesterday morning singing the song, Dominique (Dominique, which you may remember was originally a French song, by the Belgian Singing Nun, Soeur Sourire, but I was singing the English version:

“Never asking for reward
He just talks

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My Sweet Pain in the Arse

bandaged cassie

I got the urge to write, so I thought if I sat down to write, something might come to me.

In fact, the thoughts that come to me are, as have been the case of many of my thoughts over

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